Pani, jesteś naczyniem mądrości. Trudno mi uwierzyć że cała zawartość gdzieś się wylała.

Pierwsza mowa szatana do rodu ludzkiego

zaczeła się najskromniej od słowa "Dlaczego?"

fuck you lookin’ at? / the fuck are you lookin’ at?

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What other characters think about Ian going to jail.


Mickey: "I can’t even begin to imagine what a pussy you’d be in juvie."

Cop: "Come on Ian. You do not want to do time. Not with that face."

Lip: “Eight to ten for manslaughter, get laid as often as you want. It’s gay heaven, man.”


Yeah, the best kind of trouble.


when i think about mickey in 4x12 image


kiss me and i’ll cut your fucking tongue out.

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2x11 v 4x12 • We should call him.


He’s my new favorite cast member.

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